Roof Maintenance Services


A lot of companies practice a strategy of deferred roofing maintenance rather than a proactive approach. This reduces your short-term costs but inevitably leads to increased maintenance costs later and even roofing failures due to neglect. When it comes to roofs “pay now or pay later” definitely applies.


Without Proper Maintenance Even The Best Roof Can Fail


Elite Roofing began maintaining roofs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware for over 20 years with care and quality. We offer that service nationally now to all our commercial and industrial roofing clients. That includes schools, churches, industrial buildings, shopping centers and more. Our maintenance programs are custom designed to your needs and your budget. We work closely with you to design the best maintenance program for your roof and all maintenance work is performed by our own highly skilled, qualified and trained crews.


Elite Roofing Maintenance Program:

  • Roof Inspection: Inspections include the following: (i) visual inspection of the roof membrane and roof surface conditions; and (ii) inspection of the flashings.
  • Site Documentation: A checklist will be completed detailing (i) current conditions observed and (ii) corrective repairs necessary.
  • Housekeeping: During the inspection, normal housekeeping will be performed. This will include (i) debris removal and field membrane and (ii) removal of debris from around the drain covers, gutters, and scuppers.Note: Debris left behind by contractors or as a result of a natural disaster is not included during inspection.



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Download the Elite Roofing Maintenance Program PDF here.