Solar and Roof Replacement Program

Solar and Roof Replacement Program

Finance a new roof through the GAF
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GAF Solar can help deliver an allowance for a new roof and electricity savings by giving you access to the support of industry experts in finance, engineering, roofing, and solar energy.

Get Started Now with the program that’s right for you:
Solar Only Or Solar + Gaf Roof
Solar system and roof at little or no cost to you
Money on your electricity bill while financing a new roof

What are the benefits to you?


  • Allowance for immediate roof renovation
  • Predictable, long-term solar electricity rates
  • No solar system operation responsibilities
  • Capital expense turns into an operating expense

GAF is a leading manufacturer of commercial & residential roofing materials and we have developed a Solar + Roof PPA for commercial and industrial building owners. As you are aware, financing for solar projects is plentiful. However, it’s often restricted to Investment Grade credit customers who have a new roof on their facility.The “Solar + Roof” Program specifically addresses the challenges to building owners who would like to offset their energy costs by deploying solar photovoltaic energy producing systems on their commercial rooftops but are interested and/or need to update their roof prior to solar installation, and to owners with aging roofs that need replacement but have limited capital improvement funds.

GAF is providing the solution of an updated roof or reroof via solar financing.For example the “Solar + Roof” financing can provide a new highly-reflective, energy-saving white TPO roof prior to the installation of the solar array. This is great for those customers needing a new roof prior to the solar and/or wanting the energy savings of changing from yesterday’s black EPDM roofs to today’s energy saving roofing products.

When does the GAF Solar+Roof work?


  • Minimal Penetrations and Obstructions on Roof
  • Roof Responsibility & Energy User Aligned*
    *Examples: Building owner occupies building, Single energy off-taker (ex: single tenant or landlord sells energy to tenants), Triple net lease (responsible for roof and energy expense)
  • In states with incentives that support renewable energy growth.We are not a bank, but we are internally financing these Solar + Roof projects and have much more friendly credit qualification standards.


GAF has a flexible Underwriting Philosophy
that can open more doors:


  • Investment Grade
  • Non-Investment Grade
  • Non Rated

*Program currently available in New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.